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White Lady. (MadTV)
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Went to Ferguson discussion panel. Met some amazing influential people.

Compared viewpoints of naive whites and so on.

My favourite was an english professor who said “A problem with the cops is that they don’t consider the system, and culture of an area to be deserving of respect” and everyone just oohed at how great and profound the statement was.

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From now on, instead of explaining what asexuality is, I’m just sending people this gif


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I spent the last of my money on flea stuff.

Well, that’s okay. Atleast my house will be clean as hell tonight.

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4COR/Human Trafficking Awareness joined with a Safe house for people who are generally sexually trafficked.

American Sign Language Club

Engineering Club

Do well in classes!

Gratitude board. Practice it.

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General Week

My Schedule through the weeks is


8am-11:50a Class

12-3 Recycling tech (I get to sort through paper and battle bees!)

8-12 Harris Teeter Cashier


8am-12 Classes

2p-6:30 classes (each is like..15 min apart, ughughugh)



See Monday

(except the few I have off, go to ASL club)


See Tuesday 

8~ Engineering club


11a-3p recycling tech

5p-11p cashier

Sat & Sun:



(High Priority) Graduate Summa Cum Laude, Study abroad my last year at UNCW(short-term, for like a month…this would be done best after I have someone to watch my cats(after the beauf moves in)).

Engineering club & put as much help into as many projects as possible, join forces with Environmental Concern Org.. Go to ASL meetings sporadically:


-organize grant writing workshop

-Raise “no plastic purchase” month-long challenge

Start looking for internships for over summer

Go to the Ren Faire. 

Learn 3 Fiddle songs by December. 

Shady Grove, (it’s a secret), 

Improve Spanish, work on ASL, (learn basic Chinese)

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poor kitten has a cold and can’t stop sneezing


poor kitten has a cold and can’t stop sneezing

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There is a phrase I have heard in English: to leave someone alone with their grief. Urdu has no equivalent phrase. It only understands the concept of gathering around and becoming ‘ghum-khaur’ - grief-eaters - who take in the mourner’s sorrow. Would you like me to be in English or Urdu right now?

Kamila Shamsie (Burnt Shadows)
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